Stuff I Do

It's important to have lots of stuff to do to fill up those non-working hours of the day. I try to get out every day to do something, and usually succeed.

Most of the time, I can find some of my friends to do stuff with. If I can't find them, I'll throw a gaming party on alternate Sundays to encourage them to come visit me.

From May 1996 until today... with a break for a broken pinky, I've been taking Karate lessons. I've been surprised by the fact that they're actually fun. Plus I'm getting some exercise in the bargain. Six years in, I now have a striped purple belt, which is 4th kyu, which means that I'm starting to understand what's going on. Next test is brown belt...

About once a week, a small group of my friends gets together at Mike's house to play some sort of game. After Mike's multi-year RuneQuest / Werewolf crossover ended, I was volunteered to run a D&D campaign. Two years later, I still seem to be doing this.

I also occasionally appear at Congregation Kol Emeth, the local Conservative temple. We don't have a cantor, so members of the congregation (like me!) get to lead services. After a year-long stint preparing the monthly newsletter, I helped organize a matchmaker program, which got me briefly onto the temple board. Sadly, the program didn't last more than a year or so.

According to many of my friends, I watch far too much TV. However, I've been able to drag several of them in to watch my favorite show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. My VCR also records Star Trek shows, Dr. Who, Sabrina (really!), Angel, Firefly, The West Wing, and Futurama.

I read books... science fiction, classics, science fiction, histories... in a seemingly never-ending cycle.

I spent three years studying Hebrew at various adult education venues. Unfortunately, all I can find in the Bay Area is an hour per week of instruction, which isn't enough to learn a language. There's a lot more to be learned in a semester at the University of Judaism than in 5 years of so-called Hebrew school, like the proper pronunciation of the letter "resh". (No, it's not an "r". It barely resembles an "r".) I spent about a year at one point trying to teach Hebrew to a few friends.

I've been occasionally known to sing in choirs. I'm fortunate enough to have a sweet Tenor I voice, and enjoy singing just about anything that wasn't written explicitly for church services over a hundred years ago. Back at Cornell, in the '91-'92 school year, I was part of an a capella group called Key Elements, where I actually tried arranging a song. I've put up the best songs (in my opinion) from Brave the Elements II or a fall concert at Ithaca College. Right now, I don't have anywhere appropriate to sing, but I'm keeping my ears open. Sometimes, I filk songs.

I've been collecting comic books for a very long time. The pride of my collection would be the issues of Action Comics, the original Superman title. I have every issue since #225, February 1957; over 500 issues without a break.

I recently (2000 or so) picked up the hobby of latchhook rug making. I've discovered that by arguing with my computer a lot, I can convince it to convert random images into latchhook rug patterns. Sadly, the process is rather intricate; I don't have an automatic tool I can share with anyone. Here's the pattern for a Strangers In Paradise rug that I made. I showed it to Terry Moore, and he was... stunned, I suppose. Later, at Comicon 2002, I got pictures of Terry and Terry and I holding the rug.

In June 2002, I finished (12-2001 -> 6-2002) work on a Buffy rug... Here's the pattern for that one. My goal is to get all of the cast to sign it. So far, it's been signed by Amber Benson and Joss Whedon. The story of that first signing is included at the bottom of my vacation log.

Fabric code numbers come from the Herrschner's catalog.

Here's a Mutant Enemy scarf made by a friend of a friend.

I've been to lots of the states...

After taking the Fundamentals of Massage class at Body Therapy Center in Palo Alto, I'm now a Licensed Massage Therapist for outcall in Palo Alto. Someday, I might even try to make some money that way.

Personality and massage references available on request. :-b