Biography and Work History

My twin daughters, Michelle Esther and Rebecca Louise were born on May 31, 2007. I am doubly blessed.

Einstein was my beloved dog from when I picked him up as a puppy when I was in grad school, until we put him to sleep just before Thanksgiving 2006. 15 2/3 years is a good lifetime for a Corgi, and he brightened my world with his energy and affection.

On April 10, 2005, I married Chris. Life is so much better with someone to share it with, and I'm blessed to have her as my friend and partner.

I have some patents from my time at nVIDIA.

I took August 2002 off from work. Here are some links to what happened... Aug. 1-3, 4-6 7-8 9-10 11-13

At the end of March '01, I moved to a nicer house in Palo Alto, across the street from my college friends, the Mittmann's.

In early March '99, I started working at , as a 3D Architect. I get to help design all sorts of nifty algorithms that the 3D graphics chip in your computer will be using next year. The Pixel Shading features of the GeForce 3 came out of my designs. It's like the fun parts of grad school; I get to work on implementing new algorithms, and to help advance the state of the art.

From April Fool's Day '98 (start of engineering), until the company closed in mid-December, I was working at Media Guaranty as a Java user interface developer. I learned about all sorts of fun things, like Swing, databases, and the stress of life in a startup.

In February 1997, I closed on a house in Mountain View. It appears I'm in the Bay Area to stay...

In December 1995, I moved from L.A. to Palo Alto. I spent two years telecommuting for , but I got to breathe fresh air and play with my friends. Every week or two I'd fly down to L.A. for meetings and such. I'd been working for Rhythm & Hues since I graduated from Cornell, and it was an extremely cool place to work, producing lots of nifty stuff.

I received my MS in Computer Graphics from the Program of Computer Graphics at Cornell University in August 1992. The PostScript code for my thesis, Galerkin Radiosity: A Higher Order Solution Method for Global Illumination is available here for retrieval as a PostScript file. Be warned; the file is 1.75 Megs, so it may take a while to download.

This file was also distributed on the CD-ROM that came with the SIGGRAPH '93 Conference Proceedings.

I received a BS in both Engineering and Chemistry from Caltech in 1990. I spent most of my four years there as an undergraduate in Dabney House.

Before that, I went to Winter Park High School in (of course) Winter Park, Florida, a suburb of Orlando.

And if you really need to know, I was born in Baltimore , Maryland.

As far as I can tell, I have an Erdos number of 5, via Alan Barr. I also have a technical screen credit in "Speed 2", which arguably gives me a Bacon number of 2. That gives me an Erdos-Bacon number of 7, which is surprisingly low.